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Everybody Loves Herons

A great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) stands in the bright sunlight
Blue Heron Portrait

Herons of all kinds seem to be a favorite subject of wildlife photographers. I’m no different. Maybe it’s because they tend to be easy targets. Or maybe it’s because they come in various sizes and colors. It could be their prehistoric appearance. Whatever the reason, Herons are a great subject for photographers and birdwatchers alike.

A Green Heron (Butorides virescens) gazes into the water from the limbs of a mangrove tree.
Look Into My Eye

Herons are everywhere. They can be found in city lakes and ponds, alongside the road where rainwater has gathered, all the way to the Florida Everglades. Regardless of the location, I can’t help but stop and watch this unique creature. There’s something about a tall, lanky bird slowly stalking its prey in the shallow waters along a shoreline that fascinates me every time.

A Great Blue Heron catches a small Large Mouth Bass in the shallow waters.
Hungry Heron

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Until next time, keep the sun behind you and the birds in view


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