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Blue Ridge Parkway

A scenic view of the Appalachian Mountains from a overlook area on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

In 2016, we decided to take our road tripping to Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina with the sole intent to drive the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Winding through the central and southern Appalachian Mountains the Parkway runs for 469 miles from Staunton, Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina. It has everything a photographer could ask for. From stunning landscapes, forested-mountain views and teeming with wildlife, it offers something for everyone.

One of the most photographed locations in the U.S. and the most on the parkway is Mabry Mill. Visited by several hundred thousand visitors each year, it is easy to see why it’s found its way to so many postcards and calendars. The gristmill started grinding corn in 1908 and is still in operation today. Be sure and stop at the café and try the pancakes made from stone ground buckwheat. They are delicious!

Along the parkway, we saw tons of wildlife. Our favorite and most inspiring animal would have to be the Black Bear. We saw six just on our first day of the trip! We couldn’t believe it, they were everywhere. On the second day, we had the moment. The one that makes the entire trip worthwhile and stays with you long after it’s gone. It was a mother black bear with her two cubs. She was sitting on the side of the road in a small grassy area sunning herself as her twins explored the grassy area. We slowly pulled over, and pulled out our cameras. She didn’t seem to mind us being there at all. She completely ignored us clicking away, it was perfect. Eventually she and her cubs crossed the road and disappeared in the thick forest. We just sat there for a minute and looked at each other knowing that we had just been allowed to share a very special moment with an amazing animal. Something magical that only nature can provide. Over the next couple days we saw a lot more black bear. None compared to those ten to fifteen minutes we spent with Mama Bear.

This week I want to share just a few of the images taken on our adventure down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy.


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A landscape image of the Mabry Grist Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

A large old oak tree in a clearing in the Appalachian Mountains.

A portrait showing the expressive eyes of a large Black Bear (Ursus americanus) in the mountains.

An old dead tree on top of the Blue Ridge Mountain, overlooking the the valley as storm clouds roll in.

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